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NUKA NAILS Go-To Brush Set

NUKA NAILS Go-To Brush Set

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The OG - This 11mm fine liner brush is the big daddy, the go-to, the staple, the holy grail, THE ORIGINAL GANGSTER! For any nail art need you can reach for this brush and rely on him to give you 10/10 quality results, provided you have the tekkers to handle him. He is Anouska’s favourite.

The On Point - 9mm liner, she’s the wifey of the OG. She’s just 2mm smaller and girl, let me tell you, she don’t play games — this lady is ON POINT and always ready for those super intricate jobs! She’s got a history of prints, fonts and perfecting all those tiny details.. you get the gist. Just don’t forget to breathe with her. She is Kaddy’s favourite.

The Clean Up - The clue is in the name: it does what it says on the brush! This guy with the angles is ready to clean up all of your mishaps. Just dip him in a little alcohol, (not too much now, steady on) dap off the excess and he can wipe away all of your troubles! He’s our everything, however this little brush is versatile and can also be used for art! We love you Mr Clean Up.

The All Rounder - The slickest gel brush, she’s a woman of many talents, a jack of all trades some may say! From perfectly sculpting builder gels to painting cute clouds and so much more in between, she’s your local handy girl. Oh btw, she HATES sunlight/uv light, so keep her far far away.

The Fluffy Ting - This guy is a lil softy but he ain’t afraid to tackle the ‘hold ya breath jobs,’ that’s right: PIGMENTS & GLITTERS! Those scary ‘no one breathe and under any circumstances absolutely no sneezing’ jobs that make you sweat a lil, well he’s got your back with the perfect application! Controlled movements for pigments & dab motion for glitters, okur!!

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